The Law Of Straightness

The Law of Straightness by Edward Monkton
The Law Of Straightness
EVERYTHING must be STRAIGHT or else the World will EXPLODE*
*Those who do not believe in the Law of Straightness will not BE SAVED

This poem by Edward Monkton got me wondering if wanting everything straight was a “design thing”. A lot of design work is based on having each piece in the right place, sometimes it looks random but there is usually a reason behind each placement. Also, while I work, my desk has to be tidy. I don’t like clutter, I like my focus to be on the project in hand without any distraction. I also like to make sure it’s nice and tidy at the end of the day… when I’m not even there.

How do you like to work? Is keeping a tidy office different from wanting straight lines and alignment in projects?

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