Brochure Design – Stowford Farm Meadows

Stowford's Annual Brochure

Stowford Farm Meadows are a family owned caravan and camping site in North Devon and have been a client for over 15 years. Every year together we work on producing their main site brochure. Some years it’s a refresh from the previous year but every 2-3 years we work on a new brochure design from scratch. Part of this project requires print management, working with a preferred printer. The brochure print run is well over 100,000 and includes two versions (one for mailing and one for magazine inserts) as well as the logistics of multiple address deliveries.

Also, every 3-4 years we organise a photography session so that the image library is up to date for the brochure and all other marketing materials.


Graphic Design, Print


Stowford Farm Meadows

Project Type

Brochure Design, Photography, Print Managment

Print Spec

260x200, CMYK, 28pp Brochure, Cover: 250gsm Uncoated, Text Pages: 90gsm Uncoated

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